About Us

What is Tree Wishes?

TW provides specialist advice to those responsible for landscape management. We help people get nature, get into it and get the best out of it. TW understands that everything we do to our landscape sends a message to the world and everything we do to our landscape has an ecological impact. Everything is educational and everything is ecological, for better or worse. TW seeks to help land managers better manage the landscapes they are responsible for.

‘Let no man say, and say it to your shame,

That all was beauty here until you came’

Who is Tree Wishes?

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Philosophies and values

Philosophies and values T/C

What Tree Wishes does

Tree Wishes is a consultancy that provides specialist advice, planning and supervision on landscape or nature management. We bring ecological enlightenment into everything we do. We do five things well:

  1. Training and education – schools, landholders, corporates, farmer and land care groups
  2. Ecological surveys – EIS, auditing, flora and fauna reports, tree surveys, stream health assessments.
  3. Ecological Communication (written, documentaries, film, photography, media, artistic)
  4. Landscape Management Projects and Planning
  5. property plans, farm plans, bushfire management statements, landscape and ecological garden designs
  6. implementation of plans, supervision, hands-on as needed
  7. Strategic Environmental Planning and Advice – Permit applications, Funding brokerage, Strategy and program reviews and expert witness reports and consulting

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